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iPhone 6+ and vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison: Apple's initial phablet has the look and power to require on the simplest Samsung can give

Apple incorporates a phablet: the iPhone vi and. thus we have {a tendency to|we tend to} compared the iPhone vi and with the Galaxy Note four - the flagship large-screen smartphone within the robot world. is that the iPhone vi and adequate to contend with the Galaxy Note four? browse our iPhone vi and vs Galaxy Note four comparison obtain out|to search out} out.

  • iPhone vi and has nice specs and build quality
  • Like a smaller ton of} connected iPad


  • Galaxy Note four has ton of} raw power
  • Samsung's phone has higher show specs
iPhone vi and vs Galaxy Note four comparison review

If you cannot beat them half|a neighborhood|an area|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of|be part of} them. Then beat them. That looks to be Apple's response to the proliferation of large-screen robot and Windows Phone handsets. once years of holding out because the solely vital phone manufacturer while not a phablet, Apple has gone bushed. And how.

The iPhone vi and isn't simply huge, it is huge. transfer a five.5in show into the iOS world for the primary time. It's associate iPhone, thus it's nearly duty guaranteed to be awing. however it's coming into a ferociously competitive world. 

The iPhone vi and was unveiled  simply a {number of|some|many} days once Samsung declared its own new large-screen smartphone: the Galaxy Note four. The Galaxy Note vary is that the undisputed king of the large-screen phablet world. thus however will Apple's entry compare to the simplest of the rest?

We compared the Galaxy Note four with the iPhone vi and. This iPhone vi and vs Galaxy Note four comparison is predicated on the hands on time with each devices, and a decent check up on the specs and evaluation information for every telephone. 

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: kingdom|GB|Britain|United Kingdom of nice Britain and Northern Ireland|kingdom} value

The Galaxy Note four may be a premium high-end smartphone thus it's no surprise to ascertain it with a tag of around £550 INC VAT for the 32GB edition. The iPhone vi and prices a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} ton of}. There square measure 3 models that begin at £619 for the 16GB model. This scales up to £699 for 64GB, and £789 for 128GB. you'll pay a premium for the iPhone phablet, thus let's have {a look at} what you get for the cash.  

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: Key specs and performance

With the Galaxy Note four you get a try of}.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm flower 805 processor or Exynos 5433 octa-core processor, and 3GB of RAM. we have {a tendency to|we tend to} found it to be very swish and snappy once launching and change apps.

The iPhone vi and comes with complete new} processor, called the A8. this is often be} a try of}0-nanometer 64-bit process unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central processor|processor|mainframe|electronic equipment|hardware|computer hardware} with a pair of billion transistors. Early benchmarking victimisation the Geekbench application suggests that the processor is twin core, and incorporates a frequency of one.4 GHz. It's paired with 2GB RAM. The iPhone vi and is consummately slick and zippy in use

Don't take this to mean that the iPhone vi and getting to be|are} appreciably slower than is that the Galaxy Note four. iOS is ton of} tightly coded than is robot, and then generally iPhones feel as as zippy as robot handsets with nominally superior specs.

But given the worth differential we might wish to see the iPhone vi and be noticably quicker than the Galaxy Note four, which is nearly of} by no means the case. And if you're obtaining a big-screen telephone to run multiple tasks at identical time, the shortage of cores can eventually tell in terms of pure performance. 

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: Screen

The screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note four is gorgeous. It's a 5.7in Quad-HD Super AMOLED show. that is a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which suggests a large 515ppi component density. The iPhone vi and incorporates a five.5-inch tissue layer HD screen, which suggests during this case a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a component density of 401 ppi. thus once more insulant behind in terms of pure specs, however can you notice the difference? Apple says it offers wider viewing angles attributable to its dual-domain pixels, after all.

While victimisation the Note four, we have {a tendency to|we tend to} found that the screen had an out of this world sense of depth, and that we will imagine that it will be tough to travel back to full-HD once you have used a smartphone or pill with a Quad HD screen like this one. that isn't to mention the the iPhone vi and show is in any means a foul screen, simply that the Note 4's is quantifiably higher.

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: style and build

When you obtain a smartphone, we're certain that that color you decide on is a {very important} call – unless you usually take black despite what the device. For those that care regarding it, the Galaxy Note four a alternative of black, white, gold and pink. The iPhone vi and appearance attractive. the look is roughly kind of like that of the iPhone 5s, solely on a grander scale, and with a usually ton of} rounded chassis. like all iPhones, build quality is great. Buttons and switches square measure uniformly firm and responsive, so the|and additionally the} Ring/Silent switch made a satisfying click.

The Galaxy Note four is eight.5 millimetre thick and weighs and 176 g. These square measure spectacular specs however {they will't|they can not|they cannot} contend with the sole simply seven.1mm thick iPhone vi and, and simply 172 g. Overall dimensions see the 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 millimetre Galaxy Note four for {the most part} match the profile of the taller however diluent 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 millimetre iPhone vi and.

One little concern regarding the iPhone is that the rear-facing camera, that stands out a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} bit and marginally spoils the integrity of the iPhone vi Plus's profile. egg laying the iPhone vi and down on its back on a tough, flat surface might cause it to sit down erratically.

The key factor here is that each square measure huge handsets, however Apple claims its is usable with one hand, the Note four comes with the S Pen stylus and is meant for two-handed use. it is also price considering the {very fact|the actual fact} that the iPhone might need a case, however the Galaxy Note four can live while not.

Overall, however, we'd say that style and build may be a win for the iPhone.

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: Storage

The 32GB Galaxy Note four comes with a microSD card slot which may take up to 128GB cards. The iPhone vi and comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB flavourns, however has no expandable storage. aboard storage is usually higher for performance, however it's mirrored within the value. None the less, with the exception of subsequent to useless 16GB model, we tend to like the iPhone's storage choices.

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: software system

Android vs iOS may be a brain-teaser. robot isn't the same as it accustomed be: if you're new the smartphone game there is not any obvious winner. These square measure the 2 hottest and best mobile in operation systems around thus it's regarding choosing that one is true for you.

In essence, if you're a long iOS user you're most likely best off projecting with what you recognize. you've got in any case nearly actually spent plenty of money on apps that you're going to got to pay once more in robot. however it's price considering that your iTunes music files can add robot, and robot offers the chance of looking around for music, movies, books and television shows.

Galaxy Note four vs iPhone vi Plus: Cameras

The iPhone vi and has identical top-line megapixel numbers because the iPhone 5s: 8Mp on the rear, and 1.2Mp on the front. however some things square measure additional vital than megapixel count. Apple assures United States that the new iSight camera is best than its forerunner in several ways: optical image stabilisation, is a powerful addition; as is continuous-autofocus once shooting video. we tend to just like the possibility of 240fps slo-mo video furthermore as 120fps. Improved panorama shots, face detection and low-light performance, spherical out Apple's claimed enhancements. And burst mode has been supplementary to the front-facing camera furthermore the rear one.

Samsung has improved the camera within the Galaxy Note four, and that we found the results to be quite spectacular. The rear-facing camera is 16Mp, with machine focus and sensible bureau (optical image stabilisation). HDR on the Galaxy Note four offers a live preview, thus you'll see precisely what your image can seem like before you capture it.

On the front may be a three.7Mp camera with associate aperture of f1.9. Samsung has introduced a fun Wide Selfie mode with the Note four, thus you'll capture additional of the surroundings around you once taking those all-important and intensely widespread selfies with the front-facing camera.

One factor we tend to did notice is that the scale of the Note four means that taking pictures isn't associate exceptionally straightforward task. It will get alittle clumsy, significantly if you're making an attempt to require a photograph with one hand.

On the face of it we tend to like the Galaxy Note's additional spectacular verbal description. however we have not however properly tested either camera. thus for currently we'll decision it a close-run factor. 

OUR finding

Apple has done an excellent job with the iPhone vi and. it's alittle iPad, furthermore as a large-screen iPhone. it should lack a number of the raw power and show performance of the Galaxy Note four, however we do not feel that you simply can notice it lacking in either space. and also the comprehensive excellence of the iPad system and user expertise can provide the iPhone vi and the sting for existing iPhone users longing for a bigger screen.

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